How to Submit

Please use the PsychArchives Submission Assistant to contribute your Digital Research Objects (DROs):

Here you can upload your files, choose a sharing level and enrich the files with relevant metadata. Please make sure to take into account our quality and technical guidelines concerning recommended file formats.

Your submission will be reviewed as quickly as possible by the PsychArchives team. If it adheres to our guidelines, we will include your files in PsychArchives and send you the final DOI(s).

General tips for your submission

We are looking forward to your contribution. PsychArchives offers the following benefits:

  • Shared DROs - research output from the entire cycle of psychological research is welcome.
  • Citable and discoverable - contributions are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to make them easily and uniquely citable.
  • Safe - your research output is stored safely for the future at a sustainable, publicly funded infrastructure.

PsychArchives covers content that belongs to the discipline of psychology or related disciplines. A list of PsychArchives DRO types can be found in the DRO type overview. You are welcome to contribute several DROs belonging together, such as, for instance, a preregistration plus the corresponding research data, analysis code, and (preprint) publication. The DROs are assigned a DRO type, respectively, and then linked together in PsychArchives. In this way, users can easily identify the whole DRO bundle.

Please note that DROs are ideally deposited in their final state. If you decide to make any changes to your files after publication in PsychArchives, we usually generate a new version of your DRO for you. Read more about this policy in our FAQs.

If you would like to publish large data volumes, please get in touch with us via email.

Tips for the submission of supplemental material

To learn more about the submission of supplementary materials for a journal article, please consult our Submission guidelines for supplementary materials in PsychArchives.

Related products

  • DataWiz (beta): Free data management system, assists you in preparing your research data by facilitating high-quality documentation. Allows the export of data and documentation into long-term readable formats.
  • Open Test Archive: Repository for Open Access Tests; supports you to publish your measure in a high quality and permanent manner, for which there will be a separate test view page with additional test information.