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Title: Neuroscience publishing is too important to leave to publishers
Authors: Khoo, Shaun Yon-Seng
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Publisher: Episteme Health Inc.
Abstract: Almost every open access neuroscience journal is pay-to-publish. This leaves neuroscientists with a choice of submitting to journals that not all of our colleagues can legitimately access and choosing to pay large sums of money to publish open access. Neuroanatomy and Behaviour is a new platinum open access journal published by a non-profit association of scientists. Since we do not charge fees, we will focus entirely on the quality of submitted articles and encourage the adoption of reproducibility-enhancing practices, like open data, preregistration, and data quality checks. We hope that our colleagues will join us in this endeavour so that we can support good neuroscience no matter where it comes from.
Citation: Khoo, S. Y.-S. (2019). Neuroscience publishing is too important to leave to publishers. Neuroanatomy and Behaviour, 1(1), ed1.
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