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Title: FASKU. French version of the General Self-Efficacy Short Scale
Authors: Décieux, J. P.
Sischka, P. E.
Schumacher, A.
Willems, H.
Issue Date: May-2021
Publisher: ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology) – Open Test Archive
Abstract: The FASKU is an economical instrument for recording individual competence expectations of dealing with difficulties and obstacles in daily life. It was originally developed and validated in German by Beierlein, Kemper, Kovaleva, and Rammstedt (2013). In 2019, the authors developed and tested a French version of this scale (FASKU) and tested it for reliability (internal consistency), validity, and measurement equivalence towards the original German Version (see Décieux et al., 2020a). The provided evidence on the quality of the German and the French Version of ASKU (FASKU) indicates that the scales allow a reliable, valid, and economical assessment of subjective competence expectations and that the two language versions can be used to assess and compare self-efficacy in German- and French-speaking populations.
Citation: Décieux, J. P., Sischka, P. E., Schumacher, A. & Willems, H. (2021). FASKU. French version of the General Self-Efficacy Short Scale [Test description and questionnaire]. In Leibniz-Institute for Psychology (ZPID) (Ed.), Open Test Archive. Trier: ZPID.
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