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Title: Preregistration: Open Science and the Public's Trust in Science
Authors: Rosman, Tom
Bosnjak, Michael
Silber, Henning
Koßmann, Joanna
Heycke, Tobias
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2020
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: The objective of the present research is twofold: First, we will examine, using survey questions and an experimental approach, whether open science practices (OSP) have a positive effect on trust in science. Second, we will experimentally investigate whether the trust-damaging effects of research being privately funded may be buffered by open science practices. We will thereby focus on the open science practice of making materials, data, and analysis code openly accessible.
Citation: Rosman, T., Bosnjak, M., Silber, H., Koßmann, J., & Heycke, T. (2020). Preregistration: Open Science and the Public's Trust in Science. PsychArchives.
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