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Title: Electronic Supplements (ESM) for: "Mining Twitter to Detect Hotspots in Psychology"
Authors: Bittermann, André
Batzdorfer, Veronika
Müller, Sarah Marie
Steinmetz, Holger
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2020
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: Electronic Supplements (ESM) for: Bittermann, Batzdorfer, Müller, & Steinmetz (2021). Mining Twitter to Detect Hotspots in Psychology. Zeitschrift für Psychologie.
Citation: Bittermann, A., Batzdorfer, V., Müller, S. M., & Steinmetz, H. (2020). Electronic Supplements (ESM) for: "Mining Twitter to Detect Hotspots in Psychology". PsychArchives.
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ESM 3_forecasts.pdf
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ESM 3 - Plots for forecasted PSYNDEX trends of all included topics191,51 kBAdobe PDFDownload
ESM 4_additional_results.pdf
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ESM 4 - Additional results768,58 kBAdobe PDFDownload