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Title: Faktoren und Fähigkeiten, die die Entwicklung der musikalischen Darbietung beeinflussen [Translated with]
Factors and Abilities Influencing the Development of Musical Performance
Authors: McPherson, Gary
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Hogrefe
Abstract: Unter High-School Instrumentalisten wurde eine 3-jährige Längsschnittstudie durchgeführt. In ihr wurden Repertoirekenntnisse getestet sowie die Fähigkeiten des Blattlesens, nach dem Gehör zu spielen, Auswendig­ lernen und Improvisieren. Einflüsse auf diese Fähigkeiten wurden mit standardisierten Interviews gemessen; durch eine Pfadanalyse wurden vier Faktoren des Einflusses ermittelt. Die Studie ist nutzbringend auf die Verbesserung des Instrumentalunterrichts anzuwenden.
This paper reports on a three year longitudinal study which examined the development of five distinct types of musical performance. High School instrumentalists were administered tests to measure their capacity to perform a repertoire of rehearsed music, sight-read, play by ear, play from memory and improvise. Additional data concerning a range of variables thought to influence the development of these skills were obtained in face­ to-face interviews using a structured questionnaire, and a content analysis of reflective comments made by students as they completed each of the measures. Path analysis was used to test a theoretical model designed to encapsulate the flow of influences theorised to exist between the five types of musical performance and four factors derived from variables thought to influence their development (see McPherson, Bailey & Sinclair, 1997a). Tue study has implications for instrumental teaching which range from a re-evaluation of teaching practices that are restricted to the refinement of performance repertoire and technique, to guidance in the aural and creative styles of performance and cognitive strategies which this study shows may exert a positive influence on the development of overall performance ability.
Citation: McPherson, G. (1999). Factors and Abilities Influencing the Development of Musical Performance. In K.-E. Behne, G. Kleinen & H. de la Motte-Haber (Hrsg.), Musikpsychologie. Jahrbuch der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie. Band 14: Wahrnehmung und Rezeption. Göttingen, Deutschland: Hogrefe.
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