How to Submit

We are looking forward to your contribution. PsychArchives offers the following benefits:

  • Shared Digital Research Objects (DRO) - research outputs from the entire cycle of psychological research are welcome.
  • Citable and discoverable - uploads are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to make them easily and uniquely citable.
  • Open licensing - fostering re-use and open science.
  • Safe - your research output is stored safely for the future at a sustainable, publicly funded infrastructure.

PsychArchives covers content that belongs to the discipline of psychology or related disciplines. You can submit preregistrations, research data, conference presentations, publications, tests, theses, analysis code, and many more DROs. An overview of PsychArchives publication types can be found here.
Please note that DROs are ideally deposited in their final state. If you decide to make any changes to your files after publication in PsychArchives, we can generate a new version of your DRO for you.

You are welcome to deposit several publication types belonging together, such as, for instance, a preregistration plus the corresponding research data, analysis code, and (preprint) publication. Users can then easily identify the whole related bundle belonging to your research project.

To submit your content, please follow these three steps:

  1. Select the submission form for your Digital Research Object (DRO) by clicking on the corresponding publication type in the list of content types.

    For research data, code and preregistrations: Please use our submission assistant to contribute your files. If you want to upload additional DROs, submit your research data, code and/or preregistration first and use the submission forms for the other DRO types.

  2. Fill in submission forms for all DROs you wish to contribute. When submitting linked objects with identical descriptions, you may refer to the first submission form for all related objects.
  3. Attach both the submission form(s) and all DROs to a single email and send them to The preferred file format for documents is PDF/A. Please choose an appropriate file name.
  4. Your submission will be reviewed as quickly as possible. If it adheres to our guidelines, we will include your files in PsychArchives and send you the final DOI.

Related Products

  • DataWiz (beta): Free data management system, assists you in preparing your research data by facilitating high-quality documentation. Allows the export of data and documentation into long-term readable formats.
  • Open Test Archive : Repository for Open Access Tests; supports you to publish your measure in a high quality and permanent manner, for which there will be a separate test view page with additional test information.


If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact the
PsychArchives Team:

Lea Gerhards
T. +49 (0)651 201-2038