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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Supplementary materials to: Security and attitudes toward globalization: A multilevel analysisCameron, James E.; Kocum, Lucie; Berry, John W.
2020Supplementary materials to: Self-persuasion increases motivation for social ssolation during the COVID-19 pandemic through moral obligationDrążkowski, Dariusz; Trepanowski, Radosław; Chwiłkowska, Patrycja; Majewska, Magda
2020Supplementary materials to: Sex sells? The role of female agency in sexualized advertisementsKeller, Matthias; Walker, Mirella; Reutner, Leonie
2021Supplementary materials to: Social and economic determinants of support for a strong non-democratic leader in democracies differ from non-democraciesXuereb, Silas; Wohl, Michael J. A.; Stefaniak, Anna; Elgar, Frank J.
2020Supplementary materials to: Social representations of risk in Cameroon: Influence of sociopolitical and cultural contextEtoundi, Jean Claude; Kay, Nicole; Gaymard, Sandrine
2020Supplementary materials to: Socially connected and COVID-19 prepared: The influence of sociorelational safety on perceived importance of COVID-19 precautions and trust in government responsesLamarche, Veronica M.
2021Supplementary materials to: Sociopolitical intellectual humility as a predictor of political attitudes and behavioral intentionsKrumrei-Mancuso, Elizabeth J.; Newman, Brian
2018Supplementary Materials to: Stricker, J. & Günther, A. (submitted 2017). Scientific misconduct in psychology: A systematic review of prevalence estimates and new empirical dataGünther, Armin; Stricker, Johannes
2020Supplementary materials to: The 12-month course of ICD-11 adjustment disorder in the context of involuntary job lossLorenz, Louisa; Maercker, Andreas; Bachem, Rahel
2021Supplementary materials to: The cooperative revolution reaches clinical psychology and psychotherapy: An example from GermanyMargraf, Jürgen; Hoyer, Jürgen; Fydrich, Thomas; In-Albon, Tina; Lincoln, Tania; Lutz, Wolfgang; Schlarb, Angelika; Schöttke, Henning; Willutzki, Ulrike; Velten, Julia
2020Supplementary materials to: The development of a new generic risk- of-bias measure for systematic reviews of surveysNudelman, Gabriel; Otto, Kathleen
2021Supplementary materials to: The effect of brief anxiety interventions on reported anxiety and math test performanceGanley, Colleen M.; Conlon, Rachel A.; McGraw, Amanda L.; Barroso, Connie; Geer, Elyssa A.
2018Supplementary materials to: The effects of synchronization with either joyful or angry people on perception of an emotionally neutral personBiesaga, Mikołaj; Motyka, Paweł; Nowak, Andrzej
2021Supplementary materials to: The event-specific benefits of writing about a difficult life experienceStapleton, Charles Matthew; Zhang, Hui; Berman, Jeffrey Scott
2021-04-27Supplementary materials to: The four weeks before lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic in GermanyBetsch, Cornelia; Bosnjak, Michael; Korn, Lars; Burgard, Tanja; Gaissmaier, Wolfgang
2020Supplementary materials to: The impact of sexism on leadership in female-male climbing dyadsKulich, Clara; de Lemus, Soledad; Montañés, Pilar
2020Supplementary materials to: The interactive effects of ambivalence and certainty on political opinion stabilityLuttrell, Andrew; Petty, Richard E.; Briñol, Pablo
2018Supplementary materials to: The internet chess rules change: Queen equals to pawnRak, Tomasz; Kulesza, Wojciech; Chrobot, Nina
2020Supplementary materials to: The origins of information processing preferences in politics: Examining parental influenceBougher, Lori D.; Lau, Richard R.
2020Supplementary materials to: The paradoxical thinking ‘sweet spot’: The role of recipients’ latitude of rejection in the effectiveness of paradoxical thinking messages targeting anti-refugee attitudes in IsraelHameiri, Boaz; Idan, Orly; Nabet, Eden; Bar-Tal, Daniel; Halperin, Eran