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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-22Supplementary materials to: Berlin Multi-Facet Personality InventoryRouco, Victor; Cengia, Anja; Roberts, Richard; Kemper, Christoph; Ziegler, Matthias
2021Supplementary materials to: Beyond general political attitudes: Conspiracy mentality as a global belief system predicts endorsement of international and local conspiracy theoriesMilošević Đorđević, Jasna; Žeželj, Iris; Đurić, Živojin
2020Supplementary materials to: Beyond God and government: The role of personal control in supporting citizens’ well-being in the face of changing economy and rising inequalityNguyen, Thuy-vy; McPhetres, Jonathon; Deci, Edward L.
2020Supplementary materials to: Biased perception of physiological arousal in child social anxiety disorder before and after cognitive behavioral treatmentAsbrand, Julia; Schulz, André; Heinrichs, Nina; Tuschen-Caffier, Brunna
2020-09-30Supplementary materials to: Black hope floats: Racial emotion regulation and the uniquely motivating effects of hope on Black political participationPhoenix, Davin L.
2020Supplementary materials to: Collective psychological ownership and reconciliation in territorial conflictsStorz, Nora; Martinovic, Borja; Verkuyten, Maykel; Žeželj, Iris; Psaltis, Charis; Roccas, Sonia
2021Supplementary materials to: Developing a Rigorous Measure of the Pre-School Home Mathematics EnvironmentCahoon, Abbie; Cassidy, Tony; Purpura, David; Simms, Victoria
2021Supplementary materials to: Do conspiracy beliefs form a belief system? Examining the structure and organization of conspiracy beliefsEnders, Adam M.; Uscinski, Joseph E.; Klofstad, Casey A.; Seelig, Michelle I.; Wuchty, Stefan; Murthi, Manohar N.; Premaratne, Kamal; Funchion, John R.
2020Supplementary materials to: Dynamics of respect: Evidence from two different national and political contextsReininger, Klaus Michael; Schaefer, Christoph Daniel; Zitzmann, Steffen; Simon, Bernd
2020Supplementary materials to: Educational attainment, political sophistication and anti-immigrant attitudesvan der Heijden, Eva; Verkuyten, Maykel
2020Supplementary materials to: Efficacy of psychological treatments for patients with schizophrenia and relevant negative symptoms: A meta-analysisRiehle, Marcel; Böhl, Mara Cristine; Pillny, Matthias; Lincoln, Tania Marie
2020Supplementary materials to: Energy-saving behaviours in workplaces: Application of an extended model of the theory of planned behaviourCanova, Luigina; Manganelli, Anna Maria
2021Supplementary materials to: Even conservative voters want the environment to be at the heart of post-COVID-19 economic reconstruction in the UKKenward, Ben; Brick, Cameron
2021Supplementary materials to: Examination of the new ICD-11 prolonged grief disorder guidelines across five international samplesKillikelly, Clare; Merzhvynska, Mariia; Zhou, Ningning; Stelzer, Eva-Maria; Hyland, Philip; Rocha, Jose; Ben-Ezra, Menachem; Maercker, Andreas
2020Supplementary materials to: Exploring qualities present in current versus dissolved cross-group friendshipsBuliga, Elena; Nguyen, Phuong; MacInnis, Cara C.
2020Supplementary materials to: Expressive suppression within task-oriented dyads: The moderating role of powerBalzarotti, Stefania; Cesana, Stefano; Biassoni, Federica; Ciceri, Maria R.
2021-04-08Supplementary Materials to: External Validation PBQ (SMPBQ)Torres-Giménez, Anna; Roca-Lecumberri, Alba; Sureda, Barbara; Andrés-Perpiña, Susana; Palacios-Hernandez, Bruma; Gelabert, Estel; Farré-Sender, Borja; Subirà, Susana; Garcia-Esteve, Lluisa
2021Supplementary materials to: Favouring a disunited Kingdom? How negative perceptions of the EU-referendum relate to individual mobility and collective action considerationsDitrich, Lara; Gedeon, Edit Z.; Sassenberg, Kai
2020Supplementary materials to: Fraction magnitude: Mapping between symbolic and spatial representations of proportionHurst, Michelle Ann; Massaro, Marisa; Cordes, Sara
2020Supplementary materials to: Hygiene and social distancing as distinct public health related behaviours among university students during the COVID-19 pandemicWismans, Annelot; Letina, Srebrenka; Thurik, Roy; Wennberg, Karl; Franken, Ingmar; Baptista, Rui; Barrientos Marín, Jorge; Block, Joern; Burke, Andrew; Dejardin, Marcus; Janssen, Frank; Mukerjee, Jinia; Santarelli, Enrico; María Millán, José; Torrès, Olivier