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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-26Correlation of Narcissism and MachiavellianismBucher, Lisa
2021-03-26Correlation of Narcissism and PsychopathyBucher, Lisa
2021-03-26Infant-directed Speech PreferenceDunst, Carl; Metalab
2021-03-26Sex Differences in MachiavellianismBucher, Lisa
2021-03-26Sex Differences in PsychopathyBucher, Lisa
2021-03-26Sex Differences in NarcissismBucher, Lisa
2021-03-26Protect ya grandma! The effects of students’ epistemic beliefs and prosocial values on COVID-19 vaccination intentionsRosman, Tom; Adler, Kathrin; Barbian, Luisa; Blume, Vanessa; Burczeck, Jo Benno Tom; Cordes, Vivien; Derman, Dilara; Dertli, Susanne; Glas, Hannah; Heinen, Virginia; Kenst, Stefan; Khosroschahli, Marie; Kittel, Laura; Kraus, Corinna; Linden, Alica; Mironova, Anastasia; Olinger, Lena; Rastelica, Fatbardh; Sauter, Theresia; Schnurr, Vera; Schwab, Elisabeth; Vieyra, Yves; Zidak, Andreas; Zidarova, Ivana
2021-03-26Panel Conditioning in Sensitive ItemsBurgard, Tanja
2021-03-26Response Rates Differences Web vs. OtherDaikeler, Jessica
2021-03-26Simple Arithmetic CompetencesChristodoulou, Joan; Metalab
2021-03-26Response Rates in Online SurveysBurgard, Tanja
2021-03-26Weight Stigma and Mental HealthEmmer, Christine
2021-03-26Abstract Rule LearningRabagliati, Hugh; Metalab
2021-03-23Generic rating scale for previous treatment experiences, treatment expectations, and treatment effects (GEEE)Rief, Winfried; Nestoriuc, Yvonne; Mueller, Erik M.; Hermann, Christiane; Schmidt, Katharina; Bingel, Ulrike
2021-03-23Dataset for: Combining response times and response quality indicators to identify speeders with low response quality in web surveysMatjašič, Miha; Vehovar, Vasja; Sendelbah, Anže
2021-03-22Code for: Data Processing and Analysis: 'A mighty tool not only in perception: figure-ground mechanisms control binding an retrieval alike'Schmalbrock, Philip
2021-03-22Dataset for: A mighty tool not only in perception: figure-ground mechanisms control binding an retrieval alikeSchmalbrock, Philip
2021-03-18Sociodemographic characteristics determine download and use of a Corona contact tracing app in Germany - results of the COSMO surveysGrill, Eva; Eitze, Sarah; DeBock, Freia; Dragano, Nico; Huebl, Lena; Schmich, Patrick; Wieler, Lothar H.; Betsch, Cornelia
2021-03-17Dynamics of Opposition – How Fear and Sorrow moderate Reactance Arousal during the COVID-19 PandemicHajek, Katharina Veronika; Häfner, Michael; Berlin University of the Arts
2021-03-17The Digital Authoritarian: Theory-Driven Predictions from Everyday Behaviors Collected with SmartphonesKoch, Timo; Hermida Carrillo, Alejandro; Talaifar, Sanaz; Stachl, Clemens