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2021-04-10When Does the Story Matter? No Evidence for the Foregrounding Hypothesis in Math Story ProblemsDi Lonardo Burr, Sabrina M.; Turner, Jill; Nietmann, Jesse; LeFevre, Jo-Anne
2021-04-10Increased Anxiety of Public Situations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From a Community and a Patient SamplePittig, Andre; Glück, Valentina M.; Boschet, Juliane M.; Wong, Alex H. K.; Engelke, Paula
2021-04-10Prospective Mental Imagery in Depression: Impact on Reward Processing and Reward-Motivated BehaviourRenner, Fritz; Werthmann, Jessica; Paetsch, Andreas; Bär, Hannah E.; Heise, Max; Bruijniks, Sanne J.
2021-04-10Not all Elementary School Teachers are Scared of MathArtemenko, Christina; Masson, Nicolas; Georges, Carrie; Nuerk, Hans-Christoph; Krzysztof, Cipora
2021-04-10Empowered and Resilient: Educating Young People in Neoliberal IdeologyEspinosa, Horacio
2021-04-09Supplementary materials to: Mindfulness-based interventions for men with prostate cancer.Nnate, D.A.; Abaraogu, U.O.; Nnate, D.A.; Glasgow Caledonian University; University of Nigeria
2021-04-09Dataset for: Mindfulness-based Interventions for Psychological Wellbeing and Quality of Life in Men with Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review.Nnate, D.A.; Abaraogu, U.O.; Glasgow Caledonian University; University of Nigeria
2021-04-09Data for 'Understanding self-prioritization: the prioritization of self-relevant stimuli and its relation to the individual self-esteem'Schäfer, Sarah; Frings, Christian; University of Trier
2021-04-09Dataset for: Physical Attractiveness and Moral Intuitions as Mediators Between Somatic-Parental Effort and Mating OrientationŁukasik, Andrzej; Wołpiuk-Ochocińska, Anna
2021-04-08Untersuchung zum Zusammenhang von elterlichem Bildungsniveau und motorischer Entwicklung im SäuglingsalterKrombholz, Heinz
2021-04-08Supplementary Materials to: External Validation PBQ (SMPBQ)Torres-Giménez, Anna; Roca-Lecumberri, Alba; Sureda, Barbara; Andrés-Perpiña, Susana; Palacios-Hernandez, Bruma; Gelabert, Estel; Farré-Sender, Borja; Subirà, Susana; Garcia-Esteve, Lluisa
2021-04-07Dataset for: Instrument for Fear of Driving (IFD)Fischer, Carolin; Schröder, Annette; Taylor, Joanne E.; Heider, Jens
2021-04-07Instrument for Fear of Driving (IFD)Fischer, Carolin; Schröder, Annette; Taylor, Joanne E.; Heider, Jens
2021-04-07Supplementary materials to: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the 18 Subscales of the Young Schema Questionnaire Short Form 3 (YSQ-S3) in an Australian Clinical and Nonclinical SampleKnechtel, Stephanie; Harms, Craig; Lee, Christopher; Yalcin, Ozgur
2021-04-07A Novel Approach to Investigating the Effect of Anxiety on Working Memory Recall using an Adapted Brown-Peterson TaskJarrold, Chris; Attwood, Meg; Hammal, Rose
2021-03-31Materialist and Post-Materialist Concerns and the Wish for a Strong Leader in 27 CountriesLima, Marcus Eugênio Oliveira; de Franca, Dalila Xavier; Jetten, Jolanda; Pereira, Cicero Roberto; Wohl, Michael J. A.; Jasinskaja-Lathi, Inga; Hong, Ying-yi; Torres, Ana R. R.; Costa-Lopes, Rui; Ariyanto, Amarina; Autin, Frédérique; Ayub, Nadia; Badea, Constantina; Besta, Tomasz; Butera, Fabrizio; Fantini-Hauwel, Carole; Finchilescu, Gillian; Gaertner, Lowell; Gollwitzer, Mario; Gómez, Ángel; González, Roberto; Jensen, Dorthe Høj; Karasawa, Minoru; Kessler, Thomas; Klein, Olivier; Megeyand, Laura; Morton, Thomas; Paladino, Maria Paola; Polya, Tibor; Renvik, Tuuli Anna; Ruza, Aleksejs; Shahrazad, Wan; Shama, Sushama; Smith, Heather J.; Teymoori, Ali; van der Bles, Anne Marthe
2021-03-26Function Word SegmentationChristina Bergmann; Metalab
2021-03-26Mispronounciation SensitivityVon Holzen, Katie; Metalab
2021-03-26Correlation of Machiavellianism and PsychopathyBucher, Lisa
2021-03-26Correlation of Narcissism and MachiavellianismBucher, Lisa