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2012-07-25Psychometric Properties of the Portuguese Version of the Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire for Physical Activity (TSRQ - PA)Marques, Marta; De Gucht, Véronique; Maes, Stan; Gouveia, Maria João; Leal, Isabel
2012-07-25The Portuguese Version of the Perceived Control over Hot Flushes Index: Evaluation of its Psychometric PropertiesPimenta, Filipa; Leal, Isabel; Maroco, João
2012-11-30Adjustment to Aging, Subjective Age and Age Representation: Assessing a Nationally-Diverse Population of Older Adultsvon Humboldt, Sofia; Leal, Isabel; Pimenta, Filipa; Niculescu, Georgeta
2012-11-30Avaliação do Impacto de uma Intervenção em Gestão de Stress em Pacientes com Fadiga Oncológica a Realizar Radioterapia: Resultados PreliminaresDeep, Cláudia Ng; Leal, Isabel; Patrão, Ivone
2013-03-28Posttraumatic Growth in the Aftermath of Trauma: A Literature Review About Related Factors and Application ContextsRamos, Catarina; Leal, Isabel
2013-03-28Psychometric Properties of the Portuguese Version of the Checklist of Individual Strength (CIS20-P)Marques, Marta; De Gucht, Véronique; Gouveia, Maria João; Cordeiro, Andreia; Leal, Isabel; Maes, Stan
2013-11-25The Impact of Childbirth on Sexual Functioning in Women With EpisiotomyLeal, Isabel; Lourenço, Sílvia; Oliveira, Raquel V.; Carvalheira, Ana; Maroco, João
2014-03-28Religious and Political Conservatism and Beliefs About Same-Sex Parenting in PortugalCosta, Pedro Alexandre; Caldeira, Sara; Fernandes, Inês; Rita, Cláudia; Pereira, Henrique; Leal, Isabel
2015-03-31Positive and Negative Thoughts in Ambiguous Anxiety-Related Stories: The Child’s PerspectiveValadão Dias, Filomena; Oliveira, Raquel V.; Leal, Isabel; Maroco, João
2015-11-27What is my baby like? Representations concerning the baby in the third trimester of pregnancyPedreira, Marta; Leal, Isabel
2016-08-08Satisfação com o Suporte Social e Perda de Peso — Estudo TransversalPimenta, Filipa; Bernardino, Adriana; Rosas, Raquel; Tapadinhas, Ana; Leal, Isabel
2017-05-30The factorial structure of the SCARED-R in a Portuguese community sampleValadão Dias, Filomena; Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini; Mendes, Rosário; Leal, Isabel; Marôco, João
2017-08-04Cross-cultural differences in adjustment to aging: A comparison between Mexico and PortugalMendoza-Ruvalcaba, Neyda Ma.; von Humboldt, Sofia; Arias-Merino, Elva Dolores; Leal, Isabel
2017-08-04How do formal caregivers experience the sexuality of older adults? Beliefs and attitudes towards older adults’ sexualityMonteiro, Ana; von Humboldt, Sofia; Leal, Isabel